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Paths to Healthy Living in Singapore


MacPherson TCM & Wellness is here to assist you with

traditional, natural and integrated solutions.

We believe that everyone deserves effective and affordable care for healthy living. 

General TCM Services

TCM Consultation 

Chinese Medicine Prescription  


Therapeutic Massage (Tui-Na Therapy)




Specialised TCM Treatments

Pain Management

Chronic Disease Management

Weight Management

Stress Management

Smoking Cessation Programme

Personalised TCM Treatment Programme

TCM Men's & Women's Health

Women's Health  

Menstrual, Hormonal, Menopausal Management

Vaginal Health

Breast Health

Recurrent Infection Management

Men's Health

Sperm Production / Delivery Disorders

Sexual Dysfunction

Fertility Support

General Infertility / Subfertility for Male and Female

TCM and Acupuncture for IVF / IUI

Pregnancy Care

Pain Management during Pregnancy

Pregnancy-Induced issues 

Breech Presentation

General Pregnancy Wellness

Labour Preparation 

Routine Pre-Birth Acupuncture Programme *from week 36*

Labour Induction *after week 40*

Postnatal Care

Insufficient Lactation

Galactocele / Primary Stage of Mastitis

Baby Blues / Postpartum Depression

House Call

A hassle-free service greatly suitable for people who have difficulty coming to our clinic or those simply want to enjoy more comfort and privacy at home - a portable treatment bed will be provided upon request, to ensure that your treatments are no different from what you would get at our clinic.


We suggest that you call us 3 days in advance of the appointment date to reserve the slot. 

Qigong Class

10-week Shaolin Soft Fist @ International Sports Academy

Short Course

[Foundation Course] Enhancing Sports Performance with TCM

The programme is currently closed for registration. 

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