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Therapeutic Massage (Tui-Na Therapy)

What Is Tui-Na Therapy?​


Tui-Na is a Chinese ancient form of massage. The therapy combines acupressure and body manipulation techniques for therapeutic purposes. It is well known as a "quick fix" in treating pain and improving mobility after sports injuries. TCM Tui-Na is used in treating various conditions, such as sports injuries, ligament sprain, muscle strain, tendonitis, chronic pain, stress, even sleeping difficulty.

Special Features Of Our Tui-Na Therapy

Our therapeutic Tui-Na therapy is performed by qualified TCM physicians, following a consultation and clinical examination. A diagnosis is imperative as in some circumstances, such as acute inflammation, fracture (or a crack, which is often overlooked), and predisposition to infection, Tui-Na should not be performed, or must be performed with caution. Our physicians are proficient in pain management for various pain conditions, including pregnancy pain management

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