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Exercise and Corrective Training - Movement and functional fitness

Exercise & Corrective Training

Movement and Functional Fitness

These sessions are suitable for anyone who is facing pain and discomfort in their movement during their daily activities and exercise. This also includes participants who are suffering from health disorders such as arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome and related disorders.The human body is consistently challenged to remain in a state of equilibrium because of the demanding rigours of work, stress and modernization. This has also led to a decline of health and brought forth a multitude of problems into our lives, including the inhibition of movement and the limiting of function. The aim of our specialist is to empower you to move without pain and discomfort, through self-myofascial release techniques and corrective exercise so that you may have a better quality of life.


A.R.C Process

Many exercise programs in the market only focuses on aesthetic attributes and usually leads to dysfunction and more pain down the road. The saying “No Pain, No Gain” is a stereotype perception of exercise and everybody regards pain as part of the process. Hence as a result, many also shun away from exercise because of this reason.


The A.R.C. Process by our exercise specialist works with the following sequence:


Step 1 - Postural Assessment (A)

Our posture is greatly affected by the things we do in our daily lives. Working long hours at the desk, using smartphones and lack of bi-pedal movement, our posture deteriorates. Here, we make continuous assessments of the human posture and work towards identifying the root cause of discomfort and pain


Step 2 - Myofascial Release (R)

The fascial is a complex system and forms part of an integral network of our bodies which are responsible for posture and movement. Very often our fascia are critical areas of the body are tight, putting our bodies out of equilibrium. The fascial needs to be regularly released to maintain function of the muscles and the body.


Step 3 - Corrective (C) Exercises

After releasing the tight fascia, the body needs to be retrained and re-programmed to function in the correct way, resulting in correct movement patterns and leading to pain free living.



Each session with our specialist takes the participant through the A.R.C progress and will usually take between 3 to 5 sessions to see notable changes. Although not typical, most will see almost immediate results within the first session; feeling better or moving more freely.

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