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Physician Lai graduated from Nanyang Technological University ’s Double degree programme in Biomedical Sciences and Chinese Medicine in 2012.


Equipped with fundamental biosciences and medical biology knowledge, she embarked on the second phase of the degree programme in Beijing in 2010. She received clinical training and advanced TCM principles learning at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (北京中医药大学) and Dong Fang Hospital (东方医院), a clinical medical ground that integrates Chinese and Western medicine. She was trained directly under renowned physicians in specialties including acupuncture, internal medicine, gynaecology and so on. Upon returning to Singapore, she further enriched her clinical skills with the following institutions: Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution (新加坡同济医院), Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution (新加坡中华医院) and NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic (南大中医诊所) as part of the renaturation programme. 


Physician Lai has a keen interest in women’s wellness and pain management with an integrated “East Meets West” approach. More than 8 years of practice in both private clinics and hospital settings in Singapore with high patient volume has given her vast clinical experience in herbal medicine and acupuncture. During her stints with the hospital, she was responsible for mentoring TCM intern physicians and sharing TCM clinical knowledge with the undergraduates of NTU and NUS. She also received a number of service excellence awards including Singapore Health Quality Service Awards in 2019. 


Physician Lai speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese.​

Lai Sook Wen





TCM Physician
- Lai Sook Wen

TCM physician Lai Sook Wen
Professional Experience

Registered TCM Physician with the Singapore TCM Practitioners Board since 2012.

Double degree in Biomedical Sciences & Chinese Medicine from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) respectively.

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