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Personal Trainer / Performance Coach
- Eugene Lee

Professional Qualifications

Bachelor of Science (Sports Science)
Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia

Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment    
Singapore Training And Development Association (STADA)  


Certified Personal Trainer    
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
American Council of Exercise (ACE)    

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
National Strength & Conditioning Association

Certified Service Professional    
Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)    

Eugene Lee




Performance Coach


Professional Experience

Eugene is a dynamic and passionate trainer, coach educator, consultant, speaker and writer in the areas of sports, fitness, health, motivation and life strategies. He believes that knowledge should be freely shared to empower others to help themselves. Eugene began as a performance coach to top endurance athletes in Singapore who have represented the nation. On this platform, he realized that so much holistic development was required to equip an athlete to compete at the highest level. With this experience, he wanted to bring forth this enriching journey that was not only applicable to athletes, but to everyone to add-value to their lives, health, family and career.

Eugene has been in the field of sport, fitness and health training for more than 15 years and has facilitated and consulted regionally in countries such as China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Jordan, Spain, Indonesia and Singapore. His key areas of work include Sports Performance, Athletic Conditioning, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Motivation, Goal Setting and Life Strategies.

Highlights of his experience include:

Training and Coaching  
Eugene has worked with athletes, senior citizens, post injury, overweight and special population clients on a personal capacity. Currently he is still working together with Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Institute of Management, Outram Secondary School, Second Wind Academy and Smartlearner’s Lab. 

Previous notable organizations include the Singapore Sports School, Nanyang Technological University, River Valley High School, Drew & Napier LLC and Monetary Authority of Singapore. In addition, Eugene is also the Master Coach for FreeMotion Fitness, educating the industry to train functionally, according to how they move daily.

Consulting & Mentoring
Eugene has consulted and assembled national sport federations together through technical education, as well as building relationships between colleagues, partners and intra-national organizations. Enabling an organization not only to work together, but to develop effective policies and plans through summits and retreats.

Eugene has also facilitated numerous workshops to assist organizations to function in tandem with their goals and objectives through mentorship in Indonesia, Jordan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

Facilitation & Education
Eugene is the lead facilitator for Triathlon Association of Singapore and the Academy of Sport and Exercise Science where he has mentored other facilitators, trainers and coaches who have proceeded to impact the entire Singapore sport, fitness and health eco-system. Courses he has conducted include certifications in Coaching, Leadership, Facilitation, and Presentation skills. He is also an Lead Trainer for National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council of Exercise and adjunct lecturer for the United States Sports Academy Diploma in Singapore, delivering courses in the following areas: Sports Administration, Sports Coaching, Sports Management, Personal Training, and Sports Coaching Methodology.

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