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We offer objective and honest advice to our clients.

We maintain strict confidentiality on all information relating to our clients.

We provide excellent TCM treatments and integrative services in a loving environment. 


Physician Lai Sook Wen

Lai Sook Wen

Registered TCM Physician

Physician Kong Swee Siew

Kong Swee Siew

Registered TCM Physician

Macpherson TCM Eugene Lee

Eugene Lee

Performance Coach / Trainer

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About MacPherson TCM & Wellness Clinic


Our MISSION is to contribute to the health and happiness of people by providing high quality,

modernised complementary & alternative treatments with compassion and integrity.


Our VISION is to be a leading source of alternative medicine, with honest, caring and competent staff,

providing service of the utmost quality, in a soothing and conducive environment,

for a unique healing and health improvement experience.

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