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TCM Consultation & Diagnosis

What Is TCM Consultation?


A typical TCM consultation involves four main components: Observation (望 wàng), Smell (闻 wén), Inquiry (问 wèn), Pulse Palpation (切 qiè). A modernised TCM consultation involves clinical examination and history taking. 


Syndrome Differentiation As The Main Component Of A TCM Diagnosis

The information collected during a consultation allows TCM physician to identify and determine one's disharmony patterns at the time. This method is called syndrome differentiation (辨证论治). Syndrome differentiation is the comprehensive analysis of clinical information that describes the imbalances of qi (气), blood (血), yin (阴) and yang (阳) in our body, i.e. repletion (实) or depletion (虚) of the organ system, the existence of pathogenic factors such as cold, heat, dampness & phlegm, blood stasis, etc.


Our Approach


We take an integrative, holistic approach to give you the greatest health benefits. While trying our best to find and treat the root cause, we also look into your lifestyle seriously to ascertain if that is the main cause of your health issues, as we believe that Chinese medicine and treatments should not be a replacement for a good lifestyle habit, although they are natural and free of side-effects. During the consultation, our physician will go through a thorough medical history with you, as well as a physical examination if necessary. Please bring along your medical reports especially during your first visit, so that the physician can better assess your condition. Our physician will give you honest advice and tailor a treatment plan based on your health conditions and personal needs.

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