4 Natural Treatments To Ease PMS (Part One: Acupuncture)

PMS can be treated effectively with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Sometimes, moxibustion and Tui na (Chinese form of massage) may be used in conjunction with acupuncture as a complementary therapy. You may wonder which treatment best suits your conditions. A TCM physician will tailor a treatment plan with you after understanding your symptoms and menstrual history during a consultation, so that you are informed the treatment strategies and duration. TCM treats PMS in accordance with syndrome differentiation (in which your disharmony patterns will be identified) and the energetic changes of the four phases of your menstrual cycle. For more details please read my previous post on Oh

Oh PMS! 3 Organ Systems That Affect You And Your Productivity That You Must Know

Most people have heard of PMS but may not know that it is actually more than her monthly mood swings and pain. Let's take a look at the definition and causes of PMS then you'll know why. What is PMS? Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a collection of cyclic symptoms that usually occurs a few days up to two weeks before a woman’s menstrual cycle. In addition, these symptoms are severe enough to interfere with the woman's daily activities. PMS can affect any woman. Studies show that PMS affects 30% to 40% of the reproductive female population and 20% to 32% of pre-menopausal women. Signs and Symptoms Typical complaints of PMS are cyclic irritability, tension and unhappiness. Other emotional change

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